About SGK group

In 1993, we knew we needed to set and achieve aggressive goals for SGK Technologies - and we have. Our philosophies of responsible corporate entity have made us a leader in environmental awareness. SGK is well positioned for growth and opportunity in the coming years.


From its inception, SGK has successfully grown and matured as a company to what we have today. With over 7 years in the recycling business, our commitment to our industry has never been stronger than ever. We take pride in our continuous growth and improvement in all aspects of the company - our people, our products and our service. You will not find a more dedicated and professional staff in our industry striving to meet and exceed customers’ needs and provide them with the best service and value available.


We believe 56K Technology has raised the standard of quality and professionalism in our industry. Creating innovative solutions for customers has long been our standard. We understand that the equipment and service we provide for our customers helps them to be productive, efficient and reliable. When our customers are satisfied, we are satisfied.


The reputation 56K has developed over the years has helped strengthen our company as well as its position in our industry. This has lead to business relationships and joint ventures that have allowed us to refine our product and service lines improve our efficiency and offer greater value to our customers. It has also helped us grow our customer base from a local focus to a global one.


The future for 56K lies in our commitment to customer service and the drive to develop greater synergies with our business partners. Ultimately, our customers will be the greatest beneficiaries of this global reach. Over the years we have been able to develop 56K into a much different - and a stronger - company than when it is founded in 1993. Our philosophies have made us a more mature company and given us more growth opportunities than ever before. With the strength of our past, I look forward to the future with continued optimism and success for our industry, for our organization - and for our customers.

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